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experienced human resources ATHANASIOS TSOUREKAS S.A. Modern and safe container storage areas ATHANASIOS TSOUREKAS S.A. Fleet of trucks, trailers and lifting machines ATHANASIOS TSOUREKAS S.A.

Tsourekas S.A. Transport

The company «ATHANASIOS TSOUREKAS S.A..» serves national road transport since 1934 with timeless consistency and respect for its customers. Equipped with experienced human resources, modern and safe Containers storage areas with all the necessary infrastructure, Containers repair shop, used Containers sales department, fleet consisting of trucks, trailers and 12 lifting machines, we cover all our needs and requirements. We look to the future with optimism and hope to have continuous development and improvement of our services, always based on honesty and ethics and respecting our customers, partners and our journey in the field of land transport

Tsourekas Transport S.A.


  • 01

    Safe road transport containers of all types and dimensions

  • 02

    Stacking and transport of special loads (timber, marble, etc.)

  • 03

    Load unloading (lift on - lift off) containers of either loaded or empty

  • 04

    Temporary storage of loaded and empty refrigerated containers with power supply (5 sockets)

  • 05

    Unpacking and filling of containers

  • 06

    Container repairs such as forging, gluing, painting as well as wiping / washing

  • 07

    Disinfection and decontamination of containers

  • 08

    Sale of used containers in good condition

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        privately owned trucks
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        privately owned trailers
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        privately owned lifting machines

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